Software Sales
We sell software via special orders (no store front so we keep our costs down). We work with multiple dealerships who have databases listing over 80k titles in CD+g, laser disks, and DVD's which allows us to do searches for songs by title and by artist in any format of Karaoke recordings.
Equipment Sales
We also sell Karaoke hardware, amplifiers, speakers, microphones and related equipment (by special order only). We take the consumer through a series of questions to determine what they have, what they need, how much they want to budget and then do a search for equipment to best fill the needs of the customer.
Karaoke Machine Rentals
LARGE PARTIES:  Available for commercial shows as well as large private parties, we offer rental of full-sized karaoke machines, identical to those used in our commercial venues. The price includes the services of complete setup and breakdown of equipment, as well as a trained Karaoke host/MC to facilitate your party. We travel anywhere to set up and host your show! 
SMALL PARTIES: Also, excellent for small private parties and special events, we rent Karaoke machines that are light, portable, and easy to set up and for you to operate. Our self contained systems can operate stand-alone or can be connected to your home stereo or entertainment system with cables we supply. Each machine comes with a supply of Karaoke CD's containing many of the most popular Karaoke songs. In addition to other excellent features our Karaoke machines can play your own personal CD's while reducing the recorded singers voice while your voice replaces it. Reserve a system for your upcoming event! Call for price and availability.

Hourly rate

Another popular service we offer is consultation in design and layout of equipment for Karaoke shows in nightclubs and other venues. We maximize the effectiveness of the Karaoke experience and consequently the profit to the venue.
Closely related to consultation is the training of Karaoke staff. We offer training to people in the Karaoke business who are either new to the industry or are old pros just needing to polish some skills.

California Karaoke
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