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Doc and Nancy both grew up in Fresno and met while pursuing their careers in the mental health field. They married in 1973.

In 1988, they decided a change in lifestyle was in order, so they opened Cayucos Video and Arcade in Cayucos, California. In 1990, Doc was introduced to Karaoke and immediately bought his first system, although it took them 2 weeks to actually try it out. But from that moment, the passion for Karaoke grew to five fully equipped, state-of-the-art commercial Karaoke systems that is now California Karaoke.

Nancy has been active in music her whole life. After the typical school choir and musical theater stints, she went on to sing in Community Theater and Bands. Karaoke is just one of the ways Nancy keeps the music in her life.

Doc has always been interested in live shows. Even in the Navy, Doc helped organized the ship talent shows, on-shore tours to musical events at European ports of call, and was an on-board closed circuit D.J.

Doc managed bands off and on while pursuing his degrees in Psychology through to his PhD. He spent the 70s & 80s working full-time as a psychotherapist. In 1988 Doc and Nancy decided to leave the San Joaquin Valley and head for the Central California Coast.

California Karaoke is the culmination of a lifetime of ideas and dreams and allow Doc and Nancy to live in a beautiful place, provide people with Karaoke opportunities and have a great time!

California Karaoke
San Luis Obispo, 93401



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