Doc's Karaoke Bar And Grill Closes!



The sad tale to tell is of the short-lived glory of Doc's dream, Doc's Karaoke Bar And Grill. 

Doc and Nancy teamed up with partner Raul Torres to develop the only full-time karaoke bar in Central California.  The plan was for Doc and Nancy to host shows and provide the general management of the establishment.  The team purchased the historical, long-standing restaurant/bar formerly known as Tortilla Flats in San Luis Obispo, California in October, 2006.  In late December of 2006, Doc experienced a massive stroke and was hospitalized until late January 2007.  This was the first in a series of unfortunate events that resulted in the bar only being open to the public from January 24, 2007 until January 12, 2008. 

Doc and Nancy are grateful to their partner, Raul, for his unwavering support in developing this project.  Also, they would like to thank their all of their numerous supporters who have attended California Karaoke's shows for the last 17 years. 

Although Doc and Nancy have retired from the restaurant business, they are still in business as California Karaoke, and are available for providing quality Karaoke shows at private events, as well as equipment rentals, special order Karaoke equipment and consultation services. 

Thanks again to those of you who supported us in this wonderful venture, and to those of you who continue to support California Karaoke.



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